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Empire Breckenridge 36″ Premium Peninsula Firebox



  • Banded brick liner; flush face
  • Automatic blower is optional (not included)
  • Vent-Free
  • Powered by propane
  • Made in USA


Breckenridge Premium fireboxes add a little more overall depth – 20 7/16 inches – and a taller opening to showcase today’s bigger log sets. Complete the Premium Firebox with a banded brick ceramic fiber liner along with a blower. This series combines proven technologies with exceptional artistry and craftsmanship to add beauty and warmth to any home!

VFP36PB2EF Peninsula Flush Front
VFP36PB2EL Peninsula Louvered Front
VFP36SB2EF See Through Flush Front
VFP36SB2EL See Through Louvered Front

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