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Monessen 32″ GCUF/GRUF Series Firebox



  • Available in Radiant or Louvered designs
  • Automatic blower is optional (not included)
  • Large hearth area allows for a variety of log sets
  • Vent-Free
  • Powered by propane
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Enjoy the fireplace you’ve always wanted, expansive views and all. The GRUF/GCUF series 32″ fireboxes provide the option to choose a louvered design or a radiant, clean face design. Choose from a selection of firebrick options and accessories for a fireplace perfectly suited to your tastes!

GRUF32C-R (Radiant/ Refractory)
GCUF32C-F (Louvered / Cottage Clay Liner)
GCUF32C-R (Louvered / Refractory)
GRUF32C-F (Radiant / Cottage Clay Liner)

Price does not include installation.

See Manual >> | Spec Sheet >>

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