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Monessen Sundance Vent-Free Stove



  • Convenient medium size
  • 28,000 BTU
  • Timeless cast iron
  • Glowing ember bed and lively burn provides lifelike realism
  • 99.9% efficient
  • Remote ready burner
  • Powered by propane


There is truly no easier way to add a real flame heating appliance to your home than a vent-free gas stove. Set the stove where you want it, attach your gas line and you are done. Fast and easy to install, bountiful heat even during a power outage, the beauty of a real flame. What more could you want? The Sundance vent-free cast gas stove is the perfect way to add efficient, abundant heat to nearly any space. Convenient size, minimal clearances and no venting requirements make it a breeze to install and a standing pilot means never fearing another winter power outage.

Model #SD30PV

Price does not include installation.

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